I’m marking OUT about the actual, concrete possibility of a Paige/AJ feud

idk I love the other Divas, there were some good moments, Naomi came really close to winning and that was exciting!, but the fact is that as far as the WWE is concerned AJ is bigger than the belt

all these people blaming her for “burying the divas division” need to fucking look at themselves and the rest of the WWE universe, and at the actual writers of the shows, AJ’s not the person who’s responsible for the fact that divas matches are called “piss break matches” and no diva but AJ ever gets to cut a promo for shit

AJ’s done a LOT for the division, honestly - she’s brought in new interest, been the centre of compelling feuds, etc - but she’s only one person, she can’t single-handedly MAKE the WWE universe give the rest of the divas a chance when nobody else is on board

I wasn’t even married to the idea of AJ winning this match, because she’s had a decent run as champion so far, but all the AJ haters are making me more stoked for her win than I even initially was

eat my entire butt

OK you guys, here it is

HERE is a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD of my AJ Lee fanzine, Total Girl Chaos

print issues will be available through etsy for 2.50 each starting this evening, if you like it please consider buying one to help pay for the cost of printing.

(edit: link changed to a web/reader-friendly version rather than the print version lol)

"ladies and nerds"

"ladies and nerds"


One girl revolution.



One girl revolution.


this is happening

this is happening

so help me god I will fight every person in the AJ Lee tag calling her a slut

or any variation thereof

go be buttmad that she steals every show she’s on somewhere else.

oh, the angry tears of marks who get buttmad whenever AJ steals the show

"omg you guys stop saying that she MADE the PPV!"

"this is why I hate her!!!!"

no, you hate her because you have objectively bad taste, but it’s ok, it gives everyone else something to laugh at.

P.S. AJ made the PPV, deal with it.

AJ Lee as positive life choices role model

when a man makes you cry

spit rose petals in his face and throw him through a table

AJ is a million times too great for Cena, sorry not sorry.

It’s like watching a beautiful mermaid make out with a hunk of margarine.


people who edit photos of AJ Lee in photoshop to make her skin look lighter

stop it

If I see one more “lol bitches are crazy” joke in the AJ Lee tag I’m gonna cut someone

I’ll show you how crazy bitches can be

you leave my queen out of your misogyny, wrestling fans

oh come on



how many times did HHH pedrigree someone when he was GM

but AJ’s in trouble for slapping Vickie?



(the game is “patriarchy”)


ANY dude in the GM role attacks a superstar: BADASS ASSERTING HIS AUTHORITY


I’m so unamused rn.