I’m done w/ dealing with people who are convinced that you can only give a fuck about one thing at a time, so I’ll just remind you all that marriage equals immigration, healthcare, and childcare access to a great many people and if you think everyone who gives a fuck about whether or not they can get married is a white, cis, rich gay dude I think you need to take your head out your butt

I can care about homeless kids AND legal protection for my own damn family at the same time

and you know what, as a formerly homeless queer kid who was queerbashed growing up, you want to know the one thing that started turning my small, rural town neighbors’ opinions on whether or not I had the right to exist? It was when they turned on their TVs to the one channel we all got in the middle of nowhere and saw the Prime Minister of Canada telling them that my moms could get married just like them. In a very real way, I think that legalizing gay marriage had a HUGE IMPACT on many peoples’ lives, to the point where my baby sister has not once had to clean the word “dyke” written in dog shit off her locker at school.

yes there are other issues, yes they are important, but ffs I am capable of caring about more than one thing at a time, and also of understanding that most people who want to get married have bigger, more significant reasons than wanting to have a big stupid party.

Finally, if you are a straight cis person telling queer folks that they’re not radical enough if they want to get married, I hope all the food in your refrigerator rots overnight.

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