no but seriously what are good lesbian movies to watch

all the queer cinema i spent my ~coming out years~ watching was uh



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    oh oh also there is this sorry if this is annoying i just really love lesbian...
  2. bananapeppers said: Chutney Popcorn was recommended to me. I never finished it for reasons unrelated to its quality. I have tried to watch Nick Chinlund movies after X-Files and I just can’t
  3. manhatingbabyeater said: DEBS for sure.
  4. caprinocultura said: if you want some broody tragic-ass “artsy” nonsense, watch high art (embarrassing fact: i love this movie a lot)
  5. pandorasprings said: bound, DEBS!!, i can’t think straight, the world unseen. my gf loves saving face but i haven’t seen it yet. um, imagine me & you. also i’m giving an ANTI-rec for kissing jessica stein.
  6. decembercat said: FIRE BY DEEPA MEHTA!!!!!!!! It’s absolutely brilliant. It has a happy ending. And it’s actually a really good film on it’s own. Whatever you do, avoid Elena Undone. From a technical aspect, that was the worst movie ever. But watch Fire. It’s amazing
  7. cauda-pavonis said: Fire is good….
  8. lespocalypse said: Fire by deepa metha is good
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