"Misandry doesn’t exist!" said the angry 12 year old female blogger.




So Tumblr, normally I can take insults pretty well but a recent happening (of about an hour ago) has really made my blood boil.

So I’m walking in town by myself, and a woman who was about 20 was walking in front of me. We turn a few of the same corners, so it’s obvious we’re going to the same place.

But then I realise that she keeps looking over her shoulder at me. And then she sped up a little, clinging to her bag.

It came to my attention she thought I was going to attack her.

To test my theory, I sped up a little. She noticed and sped up even more until she was practically jogging.

Now here’s a few details:

Me: Overweight 17 year old boy wearing shorts and a t-shirt with Cookie Monster on it.

Her: 20 year old woman wearing high heels and has a bag

Time of day: 2pm

Clearly I looked threatening and was going to attack her.

Inspired by the “Racism in America” youtube videos, I decided to have a little fun.

I kept picking up my pace, she kept turning around, noticing I had sped up, and in turn did the same.

Then, after making sure she was looking I suddenly started into a sprint and when I was about 3 foot away from her she screamed.

And then I ran straight past her.

I didn’t get to ser her face as I ran past, but I hoping she was incredibly embarrassed.

In retrospect, I probably should have asked her for her Social Justic blog URL…

Misandry doesn’t exist apparently, isn’t that right Tumblr?

How the fuck is that misandry??

How is scaring a young woman proof of misandry??

Also why the fuck do you think how you look changes the likelihood of whether you’re an attacker or not?? I’m telling you right now, not one of the men who raped me ever fit any stereotype of a rapist.

You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. 

Your blood was boiling because you saw “misandry” in your threatening behavior towards a woman on the street. What the fuck is wrong with you, son? You think its misandry for women to feel threatened by men? Fuck you. You think the appropriate response to that is to ACTUALLY THREATEN a woman who already feels threatened? FUCK YOU.

I hope one day you can recognize what an awful, horrifying monster you are right now. Not for the sake of your enlightenment either. But if you can recognize what contemptible creep you are, it may mean that you’ve changed and that is one less despicable person out there threatening and abusing women. Sadly, 17-year old assholes have a pretty consistent habit of becoming 34-year old assholes and leaving a lot of victims in their wake. All the while feeling totally self-righteous about the lie that they are the real victim. Plenty of other asshole dude-bros out there to encourage you after all.

I love how he relates the situation to racism

then you go look at his blog and he’s white

"I stalked this woman down the street trying to terrorize her for my own amusement, and she had the GALL to be afraid! What a bitch!!!!!!"

this is some straight up selective sociopathy right here. Men, this is why I sideye y’all. Because the ways you try to “prove” to non-dudes that you’re “not all like that” so often just serve to prove that you individually actually are exactly fucking like that.

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