when I was a kid I went to summer camp one year and at camp we went on a mountain climbing expedition, which I remember as being really really difficult, and all of us young girls would motivate each other and encourage each other by saying, “You can do it! IMAGINE YOU’RE LARA CROFT!” and so a bunch of 11 year old girls climbed a mountain by pretending we were all Lara Croft and it was amazing.

Basically the point of this story is that I hope the guys in charge of the new “play through Lara Croft getting almost raped!” bullshit all get fired and can never work in video games again and have to literally eat poo in order to survive.

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    I’d really like a feminist game.
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  7. zakkazuki said: A bunch of 11-year-old girls climbing a mountain pretending to be Lara Croft is the most badass mental image I’ve had a in a long time.
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  16. indeeddistract said: It’s embarrassing how subversive it is for you to tell this story, what with the producers going around claiming their players “[don’t] want to “project themselves” onto the character of Lara Croft, but rather act as a guide and “protect” her.”
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    geek culture can be so revoltingly sexist. I love a lot of geeky things, but I have to avoid a lot of the culture...
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    Tagged: lara croft, misandry for life, no you don’t understand WE WERE LARA CROFT, YOU FUCKERS. BEST STORY BEST TAGS...
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