These photos are from Leslie Feinberg’s visit with CeCe last night.


In tears.

Oh CeCe, you are such a beautiful person.


I see these photos on my dash a lot and they always get me, because even in her prison uniform, even behind that thick pane of bulletproof glass, her spirit just blasts through like a floodlight.

This is a woman who was forced to take a plea deal for defending herself in a life-or-death situation - and I mean there’s so much I could say about that, and how so many people would prefer that she had not survived so they could victim-blame about “well why didn’t she defend herself” because that’s what happens when a woman is attacked and/or killed but the instant a woman (especially a woman of colour, and especially a trans woman) stands up for herself and saves her own life she MUST be a psycho bitch - but in surviving she’s been locked up, vilified, isolated, etc, and she still looks like a fucking rock star.

What an amazing human being, for real.

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