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is the gravy for poutine just supposed to be gravy alone? I'm in the US and never had "real" poutine. the first time I got ahold of fresh cheese curds I tried making some and it was only ok, but I googled it after and someone mentioned the sauce including vinegar and a lot of pepper. I added malt vinegar and black pepper to the gravy on the next try and it tastes better than possibly anything I've ever eaten. am I doing it wrong though?

I’ve actually never made poutine myself, just eaten it! The sauce is not just gravy though, you’re right. Here’s an article about making “authentic” poutine - it’s usually a chicken-based gravy with any number of other ingredients, including vinegar and black pepper, so your instincts are spot on. 

I made nanaimo bars with lingrix today and they came out good EXCEPT the custard filling tastes really specifically icing sugar-y, moreso than custard-y, which is not what I remember, do you think it’s because we didn’t have an electric mixer to cream the butter etc for the filling? Probably, right? I mean they’re still definitely Nanaimo Bars and the bottom layer is particularly noticeably very good. I used the recipe I got from the official city of nanaimo website (vancouver islanders are really proud of nanaimo bars okay). 


News Anchor in my area loses it over a Fat Cat that likes to swim.

I feel like watching this just improved the quality of my life significantly.

I’m watching Scandal and it’s pretty good but holy crap they say the word “whores” so much I’m starting to wonder if Frank Miller is a writer on this show. 

  • me: I need coffee.
  • A: you should have some coffee. There's coffee in the kitchen.
  • me: that's cold coffee, and there's no milk.
  • me: I might as well just throw myself onto a bed of rusty nails.
  • A: no, that would be different.

stalking tw

stalkers do anything they can to get the attention of their victim. It’s what they do. They are obsessed with their victim and any attention from their victim is good attention in their books. Obsessively reblogging a person, obsessively blogging about them and tagging their name(s), filing vexatious protection and restraining orders just to get their victim to show up to see them in court - all of these are stalker behaviors and they’re all geared towards getting a reaction out of the victim. 

Sometimes, when a victim accidentally plays into the stalker’s sick game and reads their blog to see what they’re saying about them, or responds to their false accusations, or tries to fight their vexatious legal complaints, the stalker will turn around and say that this is evidence that their victim is stalking them. But it’s not. That’s wishful thinking on the stalkers part - if it’s mutual, that means there’s still some desire for engagement on the part of their victim, right? But if you pay attention, it’s very clear who is the aggressor and who is the victim. The proof is in the pudding if  you know what to look for in abusive dynamics like this. 

Please support my friend who is dealing with this bullshit right now

whatever, I woke up in a really bad mood and I’m just like… super sensitive or something right now. And there’s no milk for my coffee. And it’s raining. I’m basically like Jesus, who also suffered, you know. 

It really bothers me when AJ gets CM Punk chants, like… here’s this woman with her own huge fan following, she moves merch like nobody’s business, she’s managed to become a successful diva in a company where women’s matches are commonly referred to as “piss break matches”… and now that she’s married to CM Punk that’s what people chant at her

I know people just want CM Punk back but it still bothers me, like, can a woman be regarded for something other than her relationship to a man, please

I’m so done with bisexual politics on tumblr like on the one hand you have people saying that lesbians are oppressing bisexuals and that gay people and straight people have the same experiences because they’re both “monosexual”, and on the other hand you have people saying that bisexual women are to blame for corrective rape of LGBT women because they’re “sexually available to men” and saying that “it makes sense” when bi women are raped etc, it’s all fucking gross and I’m done with it. 

there are some kids trying to raise money to make a film about the Purple Thistle, the place that saved my life and got me out of an abusive environment/relationship

on the one hand I want to support it because I want to support anything to do with that place, but on the other hand I don’t know any of those kids and the people who founded the place aren’t involved in the film and that’s weird to me, and like… why do you need all that money to make a film about the Thistle? we made little films about the Thistle all the time when I was at the Thistle, with no money, like the film A made that was me and my friend P fighting each other with giant cardboard tubes on our arms and there was Star Wars music playing in the background and he added lightsabre sound effects. 

I guess I’m sad because I know from accounts of people who live there now that that place has changed a lot and I wish it could just be the same safe place it was for me forever. But I guess I hope they raise their money and they have fun making their film. 

body image/ed tw stuff

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The stream of Raw that I’m watching keeps rewinding during the diva’s match and the commentary in the accompanying chat is hilarious

one person’s like, “straight people rewinding looking for a nipple slip lol” and someone else was like “GAY PEOPLE HAVE NIPPLES TOO YOU SYCOPHANT”

I wish I knew how to incorporate “my mom does more for bees than you do” into my ~aesthetic~ for the sake of shitty bee punks 

I’m so close to being done this pitch, and then I will have to wait a month to see if it’s closer to what they want, and I’m more nervous than I was when I pitched the first time. TBH I have no idea what they’ll think - I redid so much of the art because I wasn’t pleased with it, in addition to making storytelling and narrative changes, 

I’m so anxious about situations friends are in and I’ve been stuck in my apartment working my ass off since I got back so I haven’t seen any friends since before my trip. I need to get out and socialize and go to my studio and sip cocktails on a terrace with someone somewhere and catch up with people. Once I’m done with this pitch I have another comic to do and send somewhere, then I’m getting an anthology I was in hopefully this week. And I’m trying to keep putting comics, new and older ones, up on medium - there’s some stuff from my last comic zine there now, as well as some newer more journalistic comics. 

My cats have been sticking to me like glue ever since I got back. They’re like dogs. When I go to the bathroom they sit outside the door and wait for me. 

I still haven’t completely unpacked. I am a slob. 

I watched some of the PPV last night but it felt overhyped and I didn’t really care about most of it. I like Kane and I like Seth Rollins and I like how AJ/Paige just gets gayer and gayer (even though I’d rather have Naomi at this point) but I went to bed before it ended. 

I talked to my mom last night about Orange Is The New Black and her dogs and how the rest of her trip went but I forgot to ask about her bees. She keeps bees in her backyard in these trays and she and my stepmom designed and built to keep the bees safe from predators. Keeping bees started as a hobby for her and it’s since grown into a very small business where she sells her bee-keeping trays to local orchards and stuff and it’s great  because she makes some extra money AND it’s good for the local bee population and basically my mom does more for bees than you do, shitty punk who harassed me because I called your friend abusive and who is always talking about bees, you know who you are. 

anyway that is my day. How is your day? good, I hope.