cheatthis said: when i have a cold my skin cannot handle showers it is too overwhelming. but not when i’m healthy.

yeah when I have a cold my skin feels really sensitive, but even when I don’t have a cold there’s something about the sound/sensation/etc that just feels like nails on a chalkboard? like I only recently realized that some people see showers as a soothing thing, for me it could not be more opposite. I’d take baths instead but ugh, stagnant water just feels so dirty.

do you ever dread taking a shower because you know it’s going to be too much stimulation, is that normal

I’ve shipped out about half the books, I… need to order more books. Oops.

game of thrones spoilers

I got spoiled for the latest gam o throns before watching it because SOMEONE didn’t tag their gifsets (I’m not being passive aggressively vague I honestly don’t remember who it was) but I finally watched it today 

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tarol thunt is a big part of why I’m done with men who make comics

D and H are bigger reasons why I’m done with people in general who make comics

i love comics and i love making comics but sometimes my peer group really just bums me out, sorry

i’ve run into so many abusers and apologists in this little scene and ~~As A Survivor~~ it is so alienating and shitty

I actually wrote a really long letter to Tarol Thunt at one point about how his webcomic was attracting the kind of people who would threaten me for weeks with death and rape threats while simultaneously smearing me publicly as being a liar about my abuse history and like, maybe that should bother you?????????? if I were you that would make me look at my work more critically??????????? but I never posted it or anything because he’s scum so lol now he’s having some kind of mental health thing where his work makes him anxious and people are messaging me about it and just lol at all of it, lol. 

divas fanart that whitewashes AJ and other divas 



"no one heals by stopping other people from speaking"? i dunno, sarah schulman, shall we give it a try?


now A is just trying to jam as many metaphors into the runaway train thing as he can

"you gotta feed the runaway train cause it has to keep swimming forwards so it reaches the endzone or it’ll be stuck in a checkmate"

needs 2 b fed!!!!

needs 2 b fed!!!!

runaway train feminism

another day, another bad-faith article about how trigger warnings are bad and people with ptsd are just big whiny drama queens or whatever

boy I’m sure glad this is the moral panic sweeping academia right now, it sure feels really great

all the money I get lately is being eaten up by mailouts of my book and I’m starting to get a little worried about rent next month so if you were thinking about buying something from me or asking me to draw or paint you something for money it’s a good time.