if u want to buy me a piece of clothing and u don’t know what to get my fat ass get me a scarf. literally always, you can’t go wrong. i love all scarves. every pattern every color all of them. too wide? no not possible i can fold it so many ways. too long? i have a fat neck i’ll use the length. too cheap? good i’m using it to cover ice shards from my runny, flaky nose. she has too many? i can sew them together to make bigger scarves so i technically have less scarves. you literally cannot go wrong getting me a scarf.

this post is so true





the first day of autumn is here


u know what that means


scarf time


god the dialogue in Gotham is ROUGH

I’m NOT going to like Jim Gordon, I am not budging on this

I mean I haven’t seen or heard anything about Harvey Dent being in Gotham but I’m hoping they’re like, saving it to be a Reveal or something

I just really want to see young Harvey Dent, young abuse survivor Harvey Dent, struggling through law school on a Wayne scholarship or working as an underappreciated and overworked new ADA, always as impeccably dressed as he can manage on no money, never returning his father’s drunken phone calls and hating himself but needing to, maybe meeting Gilda, a woman from a good family with no real problems and feeling like he’s not good enough for her, just, young Harvey Dent, full of ambition and anxiety and the best of intentions, please let this happen

if Harvey Dent isn’t in Gotham eventually I riot

*whines* I wanna watch Gotham but it’s not up on streaming sites yet and Pif’s all like “nooooo I don’t have good Batman feelings”

drawing a line between mental illness and physical illness and saying that one is inherently different from the other - that one is a matter of the “soul” or the “mind” or w/e and the other is a matter of the body - is arbitrary and stupid. Mental illness is something happening in your BRAIN. It is a physical thing that is happening with chemicals and connections and neurons etc etc in your brain, which is the operations centre of your entire body. Treating mental illness with drugs is just like treating any other illness with drugs. Sure, not all illnesses require drugs, and there are home remedies for things like colds and flus, but when your brain is operating in a life-threatening way, that is a physical thing that is happening to you and it’s not bad to avail yourself of medication if that’s the treatment course you want for the physical thing that is happening in your brain. 

idk that “yoga and pot” person was like “oh it’s TOTALLY DIFFERENT to treat a physical illness with drugs, that’s ok, mental illness is DIFFERENT” and it’s like, no, actually, it’s not that different at all. What do you think a brain is. 




Urbance is a 26-minutes animated action serie for 16+ audience. Written and Directed by Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé. A topic that hits with stunning visuals and blasting tunes; Urbance brings you into a post-modern story world, made of hip-hop vibes and electronic influences.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $189,000 to complete the production of a pilot episode. After completion, this pilot will be presented to broadcasters, investors and festivals as an independent artistic vision that will stand as the ground base of a full TV series with Transmedia developments. Anything raised above our minimum goal will be invested in the production of the Episode 1 of Urbance.

This trailer took Tumblr by storm a few years ago so I would hope that it would come out and support it now when it could actually be made. I know I’ll be contributing to this.

Kickstarter ends Nov 6, 2014! Boost the shit out of this you guys. Urbance features a predominantly POC cast with a heavy gender theme and sick fucking music/animation. This show has so much promise and I know a ton of people want to see it made.

It’s happening!



A woman: men need to stop murdering women.

Some dude: um I think you mean PEOPLE need to stop murdering PEOPLE

A woman: no actually I was talking specifically about violence against women.

Some dude: OMG????!!!!!! YOU THINK MEN DESERVE TO DIE??????!!!!!?!?!?! EVERYONE THIS PERSON IS SAYING VIOLENCE AGAINST MEN IS OKAY????!!!?!?!?!! women are so ILLOGICAL thankfully I am here to REASON WITH YOU, hate breeds hate ok

The vast majority of violence and murder happens against men though.  Why do women need specific protection when they aren’t the majority of victims?

ok I really feel like nobody’s going to win if I engage with you but I’m in a mood so:

1. no one is suggesting that women need ~special protection~ here. Those words were literally never said or even implied. Protection from violence should apply to everyone. However,

2. The majority of victims of sexual and domestic violence specifically are women, and compared to other violent crimes these crimes are underreported and perpetrators do less time in jail, if they ever face any consequences at all.  Additionally, looking at, say, Canada (because the statistics were easy to find), women are more likely to be the victims of crimes like forcible confinement and criminal harassment.

3. While it’s true that in North America men are more likely than women to be victims of homicide, this isn’t true for all parts of the world.

4. So it’s really not as simple as “the majority of violence and murder happens against men”

5. finally, women are more likely to be targeted for their gender specifically, whereas men are more likely to be targeted for reasons other than gender 

 6. so it is important to have discussions about violent crime that specifically address the types of crime that women are more likely to be victims of, and the reason why women are targeted specifically for their gender. 

7. If you want to talk about how men are more likely to be victims of crimes like homicide, robbery, gang-related and drug-related violence, etc, you are free to make your own post starting a discussion specifically about that! No one is stopping you. But it’s rude and counterproductive to try to make a discussion that is about violence against women into a discussion about violence against men, which is what this post was talking about. Also, if you’re going to talk about violence against men, I sincerely hope you address the issue of racial, class, and social inequities among men that make some groups of men more likely to be victims of specific cases of violent crime than others - for example, gaybashing and other hate crimes (where men are the vast majority of perpetrators). 

Nevermind I figured it out! Oh my god what a relief.

ohmygil replied to your post:I am DESPERATE to figure out how to block notes on…

I don’t know if you have Xkit installed, but there is an extension called “Notification Block” that will add a button to a post to block it’s notifications.

I have xkit but notification block only works if you block the original post from your dash and I made that post so long ago that finding it on my dash is impossible without another extension which xkit seems to no longer have.

I am DESPERATE to figure out how to block notes on that original post, it’s clogging up my dash and I clearly don’t have enough self-control to leave the inane commentary alone, good lord. What is my life. I have a book to write and illustrate. I can’t be doing this all day. 





"Don’t take ~chemicals~ like prozac, I heard you can get the same effect by eating 19 oranges a day, that’s only 570 oranges a month!!!"

"Yeah I know you have horrible panic attacks but like, have you tried yoga?"

"Yeah I understand depression completely stops you from doing everyday tasks AND that you then feel guilty about that… But you have to just power through it and get on with things as normal!"

wait wait hold up

so either “depression” just sprang into existence along with the psychiatric industry (which is a genuine possibility; see hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy), or people were dealing with depression and anxiety for longer than that.

i wonder how people dealt with depression before the procedure became “take pill->talk to professional->wait for the pill to work”? i don’t think people were as vocal about being anxious and depressed back in the day, maybe there was a massive stigma against those sorts of displays? or, perhaps, maybe their methods of dealing with it were actually more effective?

i wonder how cultures aside from our own deal with depression?

did you know that the western approach to mental health is regarded as one of the most tangible symptoms of our cultural madness to other societies?

guys, it’s this simple. cognitive behavioral therapy and prozac have been around for like fifty years at the outside. yoga and marijuana have been in continuous human use for thousands of years.

o all-knowing white man, tell me again about the superstitions and quaint folkways of inferior peoples, throw up your hands in frustration with their silly solutions to your very serious problems. laboratory tests! clinical data! objective facts! did you know that your therapist thinks the word “liability” before she opens her mouth, every time without fail? this is how us enlightened westerners approach mental health, and we fucking wonder why we’re all so miserable!

if you can motivate yourself to sit on tumblr you can sure as shit sit there with your eyes closed for ten minutes counting your breaths. there is no fucking excuse.

ah yes noted reliable medical text and depression resource “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”, proving that mental illness is a modern invention

jesus christ are you opposed to modern remedies for physical illnesses too? Would you prefer we go back to the days when syphilis was a death sentence treated with cyanide capsules? Or we could go even farther back to when trepanning was a thing? 

Just because these treatments are relatively new doesn’t mean they’re bad, and just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s preferable. What did people do before drugs were available to treat mental illness? Well, mostly, people with mental illnesses died very young. People with physical illnesses died very young. Disabled people died very young. This is what you’re fucking romanticizing. And don’t give me that bullshit Orientalist crap about ~exotic foreign cultures~ when you’re completely fucking ignorant about those cultures yourself. You want to know how people in different cultures handle mental illness? I mean, I have a lot of friends who come from different cultures than me, and a lot of them…. go to doctors and take medication for their health issues. But don’t take it from me, why don’t you actually fucking ask someone from a different culture than you, it’s 20 goddam 14 and we’re on the INTERNET you can talk to anyone from anywhere in the world. Or are you so afraid of modern technology you won’t even try that?

I swear to god this is the last time I’m reblogging this post because I am DONE with this stupidity. I swear. If I could figure out how to properly install and use that extension that allowed you to see a post in it’s original spot on your dashboard I would block the notifications on this post but I CAN’T so I keep SEEING THIS BULLSHIT, someone help me.