lingrix replied to your post:I’m seeing a lot of abuse warning sign…

:s does this apply to a thing i reblogged abt mood swings?

partially but that post is part of a larger trend, like I don’t have a problem with people pointing out that mood swings are something that lots of people manage in non-abusive ways and having mood swings doesn’t make you inherently abusive, IF I wasn’t also seeing a lot of other stuff about how calling out this or that as abusive is “ableist” and IF I didn’t feel like the difference between an abuser weaponizing their mood swings in order to keep their victim walking on eggshells, and a non-abusive person managing their mood swings non-abusively, was pretty clear to begin with? does that make sense?

also, this: 

rgr-pop said: again i only EVER see these things circulated in defense of mentally ill abusers and not mentally ill people who are Irrational or Irritating or Difficult or Unfun because of being abused!!!!

is EXACTLY a huge part of my problem with those types of callout posts, it never is focused on abuse VICTIMS who are mentally ill ever and it needs to be in order to have like, any credibility tbh

I’m seeing a lot of abuse warning sign checklist-style points being called out as “ableist” on my dash today and as a mentally ill abuse survivor I have got to say attacking the things that allow survivors to name their experiences abuse makes me VERY uncomfortable like I don’t like this “you either care about abuse survivors or mentally ill people” thing I’m seeing here, I don’t like it at all

I took a break from working on my book today and went to the farmer’s market and saw an old friend of mine from high school. She has a nine year old daughter now and I bought some nice apple cider from her. Then my mom and I drove around while my mom fretted about my sister and then we came home and then I skyped with Pif and then I took a nap and now it’s like seven pm?? I wanted to make salted caramels this afternoon but that might have to wait till tomorrow. 

i’m pretty on the internet

i’m pretty on the internet


*gets a new diagnosis* *punches another hole in mental illness loyalty card*

rainy day spoopy


i’m really tired of all the rhetoric about hating old people/baby-boomers because they’re all “conservatives” who are responsible for fucking up the economy. like, the vast majority of these people are workers who are having their pensions gutted and are worried about having to work into their retirement even when they’ve kept the same job for like three decades. obviously these people are the real enemy though, because they’re assumed to vote republican

I feel like the people pushing the “all baby boomers are republicans” thing are upper/middle-class 20somethings whose primary exposure to old people has been to their shitty upper/middle class republican relatives and who have never like… met actual boomers who are union workers, activists, etc

there is something very unjust about blaming an entire generation for the actions of a select elite within that generation, especially when the rest of that generation is getting just as fucked over as everyone else. 

So I’m extending my trip out here on the Island, I’m staying until the 29th. Almost a month on the west coast! Tomorrow I’m going to Nanaimo. Maybe I’ll get to make a trip to Vancouver while I’m here, I dunno though. 



Jesse knows what I like

work in progress (not for my book but related subject matter)

work in progress (not for my book but related subject matter)

book progress

book progress

I was tagged by poopeatoe so let’s do this

We’re gonna play a new game called Top 10 TV shows because there’s one for films. Write down your top shows and then tag at least 10 friends some friends and anyone else who would like to do this, to do the same

in no particular order because I don’t know how I’d rank them:

1. WWE NXT - I’ve been watching this more frequently lately and I like how it’s booked a lot better than I like the way Raw is booked. 

2. Project Runway, although if Kini doesn’t win I riot.

3. Pretty Little Liars

4. Grey’s Anatomy

5. Scandal, though I don’t watch it as regularly as I used to

6. Dance Moms

7. Regular Show

8. Face Off

9. Adventure Time I GUESS although I hate the way they keep dancing around Princess Bubblegum/Marceline and we’re supposed to be grateful that someone said it was canon (while condemning fanart of the pairing as “creepy”) even though it’s never ever ever going to be in the show and WE ALL KNOW WHY COME ON like it has really affected my enjoyment of the show

10. either Gotham or How To Get Away With Murder - because they’re both new shows, although HTGAWM is like, head and shoulders above Gotham in terms of writing to be honest. I just, if there was an eleven slot this would probably be HTGAWM and Gotham would be eleven.  

Other shows: Steven Universe, Legend of Korra, Total Divas!!!!, The Blue Planet, The Mindy Project, Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown, occasional reruns of Gossip Girl, and I’ve been peripherally watching Raising Hope as my sister watches it while I’m at my mom’s but I don’t really like it very much. Oh and Say Yes To The Dress!!!!!!!

tagging rgr-pop fourpumpkinpatch genderbutt lingrix squidlfishous immolatrix IF they wanna do it if not no big deal I always hate tagging people because I’m afraid it’s gonna be an imposition but whatevs 

thinking of extending my stay on the island - it’s great for my sister to have me around, and I’ve been making amazing progress on my book, so I might stay another weekend. 

At thanksgiving dinner tonight I had a mild argument with my mom about cops (I hate em, she thinks “well sure some are bad but we need them”, I disagree, etc) and my stepmom said, speaking to my sibling who was feeding the dog under the table, “please just don’t”, and I thought she was talking to me and got really upset because of Traumatic Personal Experiences With Cops and burst into hysterical tears in the middle of saying grace. But aside from that it was a very nice meal. Family! You know how these things are.