I’m submitting to two anthologies this week for the chance to make some actual like, difference-making money and I haven’t washed my hair in three days. Oops. 

rape tw?

so is anyone else skeeved out by the parts in Orphan Black where the main character basically coerces a guy into having sex with her by tricking him into thinking she’s someone she’s not (as in, he literally thinks he is having sex with his significant other when in fact she is a complete stranger to him who is lying about her entire identity in order to, among other things, have “sex” with him), which seems, you know, a lot like sexual assault

OK I’m going to bed

be good and don’t send shitty anons while I’m asleep

my mom bought me a ticket to south dakota last summer, when I was doing day hospital, and explicitly told me: “don’t worry if you can’t do it, I can get a refund on the ticket”, so I never took advantage of it because I decided to like, prioritize my recovery from a major breakdown and hospitalization etc, but today I found out that she was never able to get a refund on the ticket, she paid hundreds of dollars for a ticket that I never used, and she never got it back, and like, for my mom, even though she is much more comfortable financially than she was when I was growing up, that is still a big deal, and apparently now my stepmom is like, “don’t buy her a plane ticket to the midwest she won’t use it like she didn’t use it last time” when I DIDN’T KNOW OK, god, and it’s just like, extra pressure that I didn’t need I guess. It’s good to know that my mom wasted hundreds of dollars on me!!!! makes me feel gr8 and not at all like the worst daughter in the world. 

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Biggest cutie in wrestling?


all of them

rgr-pop said: what do you mean by “midwest”

South Dakota mostly, also some Illinois

I just talked to my mom and it looks like I am probably going to the midwest this summer. It’s either that, or she comes out here and stays with me and A for a few days when I have a book launch party, which A isn’t super comfortable with, or I go stay with them in Courtenay, which I’m not super comfortable with, so the midwest seems like the best option. Which means seeing my mom’s entire side of the family! Which is a little overwhelming (they are huge, at least compared to my dad’s side of the family, who I grew up around before being disowned lol), but kind of exciting too I guess. 

I post a lot about how I really ruthlessly curate my friends but let’s be honest

I have had a lot of really traumatic friend-experiences

I have had friends facilitate my sexual assault(s)

I have had friends facilitate my abuse

my “”“best friend”“”* for years was one of the most abusive relationships I’ve ever been in 

and I am traumatized about friends, ok? So sometimes, maybe, I can acknowledge that I cut people off a little TOO quickly. Maybe sometimes it’s worth having a fight and being like “whatever, I’m sorry we had a fight” and moving on? maybe? is it? I don’t know but I hope it is. 




we seek not only to present a fun, and often comical, performance, but to also represent the women in our community that dedicate their time to helping survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

a fun and often comical performance about sexual assault and domestic violence

i went to take back the night for the first time yesterday and a couple of the speakers who were talking about their own experiences with rape and domestic violence were hilarious, like in a really intentional “i have to make a joke out of this to make it make sense” way (one of them was like “if we can’t laugh when i’m telling you about this it’s going to be really awkward for me”) anyway they were great, and so very very not what this is, lol. 

i made jokes in my tbtn testimonials!! the difference is that i’m funny

I often tell jokes about my own abuse because like, humor is a way of coping!! and when people don’t laugh at my jokes about my own abuse it is really painful and awkward for me, but like… yeah that is almost definitely not what this is, because they are most definitely not funny and they are trying to “”“”raise awareness”“”” about “the women that dedicate their time to helping survivors of sexual assault” and also they donate money to michfest. 

hey do you wanna hang out sometime this weekend/this week, do you wanna take advantage of the nice weather, go somewhere with a terrace and split a pitcher of sangria, if you are in montreal hit me up, I’ve been a total hermit working on comics lately and I want to spend time with people

cumaeansibyl said: is this what people mean by “posi”

not exactly but also yes exactly

your bad poetry is not exempt from critique, sorry to be the one to break this to you, also did I mention your poetry is bad

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The man who wrote and preformed that poem explains that it is in every way an exaggeration of something all parents feel at some point. Take your bullshitty nothing is right unless it applies to the way I think of things social justice posts and shove them up your ass. Performance poetry is not about you.

wow who pissed in every anon’s cheerios this morning and why are they all coming to me about it