tarae said: the last zine I did was 5000+ words :) :)

I mean, house of horror is 24 8x11 pages, I’m not sure how many words that is but it’s pretty long, it’s just that I’m getting a bunch of submissions this time around and if I printed a story that was 10 pages long, that would be almost half the zine, which wouldn’t leave enough room for all the other stories and articles. I’m looking specifically for stories and articles that fit in a 2-6 page spread, with illustrations - so like, 2500 words tops - and I’ve said as much and people keep sending me these 10 page-long stories and I feel really bad! Because they obviously put a lot of work into them but I’m gonna have to reject them based on length alone without even taking into account how good the stories are. 

I mean I should clarify that I do have good friends and people who have been my friends for a very long time and never once sided with an abuser over me or any of that shit (shout out to immolatrix, crimineypete, obviously my partner thepfa, etc) and I have a friend circle here in montreal that I really value and love (shout out to inkstainedqueer, my-slightly-awkward, haniapaints, etc etc) and there are awesome people even on tumblr who I consider to be pals (shout out to rgr-pop, poopeatoe, thisspinsterlife, etc), so like, I feel like I have really great friends right now and I’m happy about it! BUT ALSO man friendship is really difficult for me sometimes and I appreciate people who understand that and don’t like, push, or whatever. 

here’s the thing about friendship (abuse and rape tw)

  • when I was growing up, after my mom came out literally all my friends dropped me, except for my best friend who just told me not to talk to her while we were at school so people wouldn’t think we were friends, and then later my other best friend in another town ditched me because some girls told her that she could be popular if she wasn’t associated with me so she did but then later she regretted it because those girls treated her like shit and she wanted to be friends again but obviously it was never the same and she got mad at me for not being able to trust her 
  • my next best friend was D, who like… the short version is I was in love with her and she facilitated and enabled my abuse and gaslit me really heavily and told all our mutual friends that I was too crazy to be believed about the abuse that happened when I lived with her and C
  • all our mutual friends but one believed her
  • my other friends at the time never said anything to me, either they didn’t notice that I was being abused or they didn’t care
  • in high school a friend asked me to date a guy so she wouldn’t have to and as a friend I did it after she guilt-tripped me by calling me selfish and he sexually assaulted me and for months after would sexually harass me in the hallways at school and all my friends thought it was hilarious 
  • When I worked in non-profits I was really good friends with a couple of people who are career activists who eventually took credit for all the work that I’d done and basically treated me like actual literal garbage and I realized that they’d never thought of me as an equal, ever and we had not really been friends
  • after H threatened me with suicide and self-harm for weeks, when I told them I felt their behavior was emotionally abusive they told me, “you are a terrible friend”
  • when I called out their abusive behavior privately a friend of theirs who was a tumblr-friend of mine came to me and demanded that I give them the details of their abusive behavior and when I said I didn’t want to because they were friends with H they decided I was lying and harassed me about it 
  • one time I was really good friends with this guy and I told him all sorts of things about my life etc, and then when I started calling myself a feminist he made a blog post about how I’m a man-hater and he couldn’t be silent about how disgusting my man-hating was anymore and how my trauma didn’t matter etc and when I told him to never speak to me again he said, “I still consider us friends”
  • when I moved to montreal most of my west coast friends just stopped talking to me and I know that this had nothing to do with abuse or whatever, it’s purely just a matter of logistics and time zones and me not being accessible to them anymore but I still think about it, in the context of all this other stuff, and it still hurts
  • those are some of my experiences with friendship
  • I try REALLY HARD not to project my trauma-issues with friendship onto the people who are my friends now but
  • I don’t make friends easily and I feel like I don’t know how to be friends with people who are just nice to me sometimes
  • like, how do friend??????? why friend???? what is friend?????

immolatrix said: yhea i know that but why “vampire shoes”

because it’s a horror fanzine?

is this a skyrim reference

nah there’s a famous six-word story that goes “for sale, baby shoes, never worn” 

Me: how many pages is 4200 words

Me: … ok yeah that’s too long for the zine, it would have to be edited down to like, half that length.

A: You should do a call out for short-short stories

A: like six words

A: “for sale, vampire shoes, never worn”

Me: ugggghhhhh

A: yeeeah-uh!!!




HOUSE OF HORROR zine is currently in the process of putting together it’s third issue. A 24-page, full-colour, 8.5x11 zine, HOUSE OF HORROR showcases work by and for horror fans with a critical eye. The zine is edited, printed, and distributed by Laura Ellyn. For more ideas on typical content of the zine, feel free to peruse the HOUSE OF HORROR tumblr blog, particularly the reviews, essays, and art posted there. 

The theme of the third issue is MONSTERS. Send us your essays, fiction, poetry, and art on the theme of monsters in horror! Whatever your monster feelings are, we want to see them. All reactions to the theme will be considered.  Pitches without a finished submission will be accepted ONLY WITH an accurate completion date. 

Submissions that are accepted to the print zine are paid at a rate of $15 per piece, upon acceptance of the piece, via paypal or cheque, as well as one complimentary copy of the zine upon its release. I know this is not much compared to other publications; consider the payment a “latte stipend” to pay for your coffee while you work on the piece.

The deadline for submissions is September 6th, 2014 at midnight. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out one week after that. Submissions can be e-mailed in PDF format to ellehumour@gmail.com. Images should be sent as a high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) PDF or JPEG to the same address. 

Reminder that we are still accepting submissions until the due date - thank you to everyone who has submitted so far, this is looking like it’s going to be a great issue!

I’ve received a few questions about the theme, tone, etc of work that we’re looking for and I highly encourage people who are thinking of submitting to check out Issue One (SURVIVAL) and Issue Two (YOUTH) on Issuu.com for free! But in case you’re still struggling, here are some things to think about:

  • HOUSE OF HORROR has a progressive mandate. Without applying a bunch of political labels, we do not appreciate submissions that contain oppressive content and ideas. We absolutely LOVE submissions that explore horror with a critical analysis, engaging in issues like racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, etc in horror. This isn’t to say that every submission has to have a “social justice” perspective, but we do keep a sharp eye out for writers and artists who are dealing with these issues in their work, especially those writing from lived experience. 
  • HOUSE OF HORROR is a 24-page zine, with each page measuring 8.5x11 inches. While I would dearly love to extend the length, I produce this publication entirely by my own means, which means I have a very strict budget for printing that doesn’t allow us to go longer. Short stories and essays should be able to fit in a 2-6 page spread, including space for illustrations. Poems should not be longer than 2 pages, single-spaced. 
  • Are you writing fiction? We love fiction! We ESPECIALLY love fiction that passes the Bechdel test and fiction that challenges and subverts standard horror cliches and tropes. 
  • What else can you submit? Oh boy, what CAN’T you submit, my friend! Previously published work is fine as long as you hold the rights to it - you can send us anything, from your favorite blog post to academic papers, as well as personal essays, letters to the editor, paintings, comics, editorial pieces, collage, reviews, lists, and humor pieces, just to name a few.

I hope this helps spur your creativity as you continue to send us submissions for our MONSTERS issue! If you have any questions about your submission, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at ellehumour at gmail dot com. 




I don’t think I know anyone with this background, but maybe we can signal boost. One major thing the Ferguson organizers have been asking for specifically for several days is for service donations from mental health professionals with a background in trauma counseling, people of color would be preferable for obvious reasons. If you know someone who might be willing to either to go to Ferguson or do tele-sessions, please direct them to this form.

the marina abramopug thing bothers me, like ok a pug in a wig is cute, I get it, I do, but can we not compare famous women to dogs???? can that be a thing we give up in the year of our lord 2014

i mean nothing against people I follow who have posted it because ilu but idk it just irks me

a page I did today. The Campbell family’s business survived the big strike of 1912 and the recession of the 1930s but closed in I think the 40s? maybe early 50s? after a fire. People in Cumberland when I lived there still talked about the Campbell store and how generous the Campbell family was. 

a page I did today. The Campbell family’s business survived the big strike of 1912 and the recession of the 1930s but closed in I think the 40s? maybe early 50s? after a fire. People in Cumberland when I lived there still talked about the Campbell store and how generous the Campbell family was. 

my birthday is in a month! I have an amazon wishlist if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m totally going to post about this again in the weeks leading up to my birthday because I am going to have a party and be obnoxious about it, cause it’s been a really challenging year! and I got through it and am even more awesome! 


……. god damn it I would actually consider living with a composting toilet if it meant living in a gorgeous 2-bedroom cabin on Denman Island though, like fuck it, I’d suck it up. I love Denman Island. 

in my defense there were pictures and aside from the composting toilet it was a really beautiful cabin

wow if u think I care about the state of gaming journalism you are

so mistaken

I literally cannot think of a thing that I care about less

A: About the horror movie setup, though

A: I feel like the assassination of a socialist at the hands of an ex cop

A: probably doesn’t make for as good a horror movie setup

A: to be fair